BROOKHAVEN Fire marshal

CHRIS MEHRMAN - Public safety / Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal’s Office enforces both the Village and New York State Codes through measures and procedures that emphasize compliance and strives to reduce the loss of life and property through education, inspections, investigations, building plan reviews and enforcement.


  • The inspection of all buildings and premises, except single-family dwellings, can be scheduled.
  • The review of plans, issuance of permits and subsequent inspections for new construction and alterations of all buildings, except single-family dwellings, as well as for fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, extinguishing systems, etc. can be scheduled.
  • Annual inspection of commercial establishments for operating permits can be scheduled.
  • Investigation of fires and related incidents occurring in buildings, vehicles and vessels.
  • Investigation of complaints alleging violations of Village Local Law, Village Codes and NYS codes are conducted.
  • Mitigating, investigating and coordinating with other agencies (Fire Department, Police Department, New York State Department of Environmental Control, Suffolk County Health Department, etc.) in hazardous materials incidents.
  • Examination of abandoned tanks, drums, etc., found along roadways and public property prior to removal by the Department of Public Works (DPW).
  • Public education on topics such as fire safety, fire-extinguisher use and similar subjects is available for various service organizations, businesses, Village employees, senior citizen clubs, schools, etc.
  • Inspections of facilities at community events and similar events can be scheduled.