As they say in the Real Estate business, it’s all about “location-location-location!” Mastic Beach is a hidden jewel whose location is unmatched along the southern shoreline of Long Island. It is uniquely surrounded by ribbons of “green and blue” - - surrounded by beautiful parks, natural green spaces and prime waterfront open space, as well as creeks and rivers, inlets and protected bays. The Fire Island National Seashore separates Mastic Beach from the wide open Atlantic Ocean.

The purpose of this Comprehensive Plan is to provide an updated guideline and “Blueprint” for future decision making in the Village. As mentioned earlier, this report is a compilation of both past documents and extensive research and planning, as well as new ideas and planning outlooks. Obviously the fact that the Village of Mastic Beach is being dissolved back into the Town of Brookhaven has given pause to many plans and initiatives, but if all goes as hoped, this document will continue to serve the residents of Mastic Beach (which will once again be a Hamlet within the Town of Brookhaven) and provide the Town with the framework that it needs to best serve the residents of this section of Town and to guide future capital expenditures within the Mastic Beach area. While the term “Comprehensive Plan” was used to first describe this effort, we would rather term this effort an “Action Plan,” which speaks more to the urgencies of “getting things done” in a more systematic and timely manner. Often times Comprehensive Plans are seen as too general in approach and ideas, and less focused on specific designs and “physical planning” initiatives - - and unfortunately end up sitting on a shelf with few actionable steps for making a difference. We hope that this document becomes something that the current Village of Mastic Beach, and future Town of Brookhaven, truly embraces and can turn to with confidence for taking the necessary steps for improvement and revitalization.

There also are issues and opportunities, as well as planning themes that have repeated over the years in many of the past planning documents, many of which are listed below. All of these past documents are credited with providing us with the proper framework and historical understanding for producing the document and plans you see today.