Notice is given that the Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach (“Village”) is seeking to retain a company to provide professional information-technology and computer services and, as such, is extending the time to file submissions.  The IT/computer services will include general review and advice to the Village involving its current IT/computer system and operations, as well as additional related needs as determined by the Village that may include, but not be limited to: maintenance of the Village’s computer/IT system including managing and renewing, as needed, all software applications and licenses in order to assure the Village’s legal compliance; making recommendations for software updates and anti‑virus protection; preservation of electronic records in accord with applicable laws and conducting and/or coordinating hardware and software repairs as may be needed, including on an emergency basis. 

Proposals shall include the basis upon which professional fees to be paid by the Village shall be charged.  The retained computer/IT company shall be reimbursed for all eligible direct and indirect costs within defined limits plus a pre-determined fixed fee.

The Village will select the most highly qualified company according to the following criteria, listed in order of decreasing importance: (1) understanding of work to be done, (2) experience with similar kinds of projects and/or work, (3) quality of staff for work to be done, (4) familiarity with applicable Federal and State requirements, (5) financial responsibility, and (6) logistics and familiarity with the project area.

Interested companies should submit ten (10) copies of their Expression of Interest (“EOI”) to the address below not later than 11 a.m. prevailing time on Friday, August 28, 2015.  The anticipated date for completion of the selection process is Wednesday, September 9, 2015.  Companies that filed submissions by the initial deadline of 12 noon on Monday, August 3, 2015, need not resubmit as their filings will be maintained for further analysis by the Village as a part of this extended-submission period.

An EOI shall be include (a) information regarding the principals of the IT/computer company and their background, and resumes of key individuals, and (b) specific project experience, including the dates when the experience occurred.

EOI submission information:

Location:   Village of Mastic Beach, Suffolk County, State of New York

Contact:    Susan F. Alevas, Esq., Village Clerk/Administrator

Address:   369 Neighborhood Road, Mastic Beach, New York 11951

Telephone:        (631) 281-2326

Dated:      August 12, 2015