The Village of Mastic Beach is Cleaning up the Mess and setting the record straight.

Mastic Beach Mayor works with homeowners in an effort to clean up the Village.     

OCTOBER 23, 2015, VILLAGE OF MASTIC BEACH, N.Y.:  At the last Village of Mastic Beach public meeting on October 20, 2015, a couple and an attorney made allegations that the Village’s Public-Safety Supervisor entered their house and forced them from their home like squatters. According to the Suffolk County Police Department, the Building Inspector and Brookhaven Animal Control, the Village’s Public-Safety Supervisor never entered the house at 44 Dogwood Road.  

The home at 44 Dogwood Road was deemed an illegal rental before the Village Building Inspector legally entered the home with a signed tenant affidavit by Mr. William Cahill indicating that he paid Donald Polinskie $500 a month, for rent in cash, in person. With the assistance of the Suffolk County Police Department and Town of Brookhaven Animal Control, the house was inspected, condemned and deemed unfit for human habitation by Village Building Inspector Teresa Madarasz.  

Donald Polinskie and his self-identified live-in girlfriend Jackie Stretch reported in the Long Island Advance, “I pay taxes and hold the title to the home.” Both of those statements are untrue. In fact, according to public records, taxes have not been paid on the property since the Village’s inception. There is a mortgage on the property at Citi Financial. The title is currently held by Building and Housing Inc. (a corporation not currently appearing to be registered in the State of New York).

Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa said, “When a business entity owns a property, it is on our radar. We have found these homes have a higher than normal probability to be illegal rentals. This house is a confirmed illegal rental—we have a tenant affidavit—and the building is not safe nor habitable. We cannot in good conscience allow Polinskie, his girlfriend, and his presumed tenant to live in the home in its current state.” 

Since 2013, the Village has been receiving complaints of illegal renting and code violations at the 44 Dogwood Road property located on the southwest corner of Woodland Drive. Neighbors, especially those with children, increased complaints when Polinskie allowed a man with a white van to rent a room in his home. The van was parked in the driveway and constantly had extension cords running from the house to the van. The white van had a propeller on the front with eyelashes over the headlights on the exterior, was filled with computer-recording equipment and multiple television screens throughout the interior. 

The Long Island Advance reported, the man in the van, “…is a family friend…whom the couple describes as a young man with an unspecified mental disability.” Mayor Maura Spery said, “According to Stretch and Polinskie, the man in the van Mr. William Cahill, is mentally challenged; yet, he is able enough to drive and operate a van with multiple computers and recording equipment. We have recently found in the past that Mr. Cahill has held a Class B CDL license which allowed him to drive not only a van, but a school bus, heavy tanker and hazmat trucks. There has been no proof provided to suggest Mr. Cahill is incapable of executing a tenant affidavit.” 

Speaking more generally about the Village’s quality-of-life issues, Deputy Mayor Summa said, “I believe the slumlords are pushing back. We aren’t going to allow them to keep the Village of Mastic Beach their dumping ground.” Deputy Mayor Summa continued, “We were elected to improve the quality-of-life in this village and that is exactly what we will continue to do.”

“We created the Village of Mastic Beach to be a code-enforcement Village. The whole point of incorporation was to ‘clean up the mess’ in our neighborhood and we are doing just that,” said Trustee Elizabeth “Betty” Manzella. 

“The village has been working with Polinskie and Stretch,” said Mayor Spery. “According to Polinskie’s architect Edward S. Silsbe, R.A., I.C.C., ‘Please understand that I do share the Village of Mastic Beach’s building inspector [determination] that the home is not safe and habitable as a dwelling.’ The village must not only protect homeowners but also the first responders who may be called to enter the house.” 

The Village of Mastic Beach is committed to improving the quality-of-life for all the residents.