“My policy as Mayor has always been
to build the community up.”

My policy as Mayor has always been to rebuild Mastic Beach.  The residents have, time and time again, expressed that having a home next door filled with good people paying taxes is better than an empty lot that will cost the village to clean brush and litter. The only exception is for the decrepit, flooded homes in the wetlands that people have abandoned.

I have been working with co-chairpeople of the Quality-of-Life citizens’ committee, former Mayor Paul Breschard and Fred Krage, to advise the Village Board on a recommended process that determines which houses should be condemned and demolished. These choices will be based on public safety, proximity to the floodplain and fiscal prudence. Demolishing one home costs the Village approximately ten thousand dollars ($10,000) plus the loss of tax revenue. We have more than one hundred (100) houses that are being researched to determine if they have been abandoned and are beyond rehabilitation. If a house is beyond repair and the owner has not paid taxes, we must follow those policies for the demolition of condemned homes without prejudice and, for the first time, create a budget that institutes those policies.

Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa, liaison to the Department of Public Works (DPW), coordinated our first capital project on Mastic Road in September. Our engineers at H2M reviewed the road-paving job and had a few items that were addressed a second time. The additional road paving touch-ups have been completed and I would like to thank Deputy Mayor Summa, Lou Vecchio of Suffolk Asphalt Corp., Bob Young and Rich Piccirello of H2M for their hard work on this project.

Our DPW, in concert with Public-Safety, has boarded up more than thirty (35) unsafe or vacant homes. The teams in DPW and Public-Safety are doing an excellent job taking the first steps to clean up our neighborhood.

Deputy Mayor Summa has empowered the team to straighten up the DPW yard. The DPW team has done a great job cleaning and creating a uniform surface to store sand and salt as well as parking equipment.

In the spring, we anticipate beginning our second capital project, funded by a grant from Suffolk County for a sidewalk, curbing and landscaping from Neighborhood Road to Bayview Park.

When Trustee Anderson declined the liaison position for the Department of Parks and Recreation, I took up my former position that I held when I was a Trustee. I am glad to announce that the two years of hard work I have put in is continuing to pay off. 

Councilmember Dan Panico, and the Town of Brookhaven has begun work on the kayak-launching ramp at Bayview Park. Also, construction of a new parking lot that includes head-in-parking along Washington Avenue and curbing at Robert Miller Park, aka the Legion Fields, has begun. We thank Councilmember Panico and Parks Commissioner Ed Morris for all their hard work to make these improvements happen in our Village.

Trustee Elizabeth “Betty” Manzella, liaison to the Building Department and I met with Lisa Bova-Hiatt the Executive Director of New York Rising, Senator Tom Croci and Assemblymember Dean Murray and Bill Doyle from Congressmember Lee Zeldin’s office. We met on October 8th and discussed the commercialization of Violet’s Cove, a Community-Revitalization Project (CRP), along with the revitalization of beaches and wetlands along parts of our waterfront being given to the Village by the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association.

Suffolk County has purchased sixty-two (62) parcels in the wetlands and is preserving them as open space. These properties are mostly along the waterfront and between Violet’s Cove Marina and Marina 5—two properties the Village is in the process of acquiring. We are ecstatic that the County is working toward the preservation of these parcels so they can remain publicly accessible to residents as parkland and keeping the integrity of our unobstructed, open waterfront for the residents while showcasing the beauty of the area from the Village’s two (2) Marinas. 

I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, and for Black Friday, please shop local as much as possible. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Maura P. Spery
Mayor, Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach