Mastic Beach is improving the Village’s infrastructure. 

The Village of Mastic Beach maintains 88 miles of active roadway through the Village’s Department of Public Works (DPW)—and the team is dreaming BIG! 

AUGUST 31, 2015, VILLAGE OF MASTIC BEACH, N.Y.: The Village of Mastic Beach has the daunting task of caring for more than 88 miles of roads throughout the Village. The DPW employees have been tackling the logistics of this work one step at a time. 

The first thing Mayor Spery did to get the DPW in order was to appoint Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa as the DPW Board Liaison. He undertook a full inventory of the needs of the staff and came to the conclusion that a DPW Supervisor was an absolute necessity. The Board hired Mr. Peter Costelloe, who brings thirty (30) years of highway experience from the Town of Brookhaven. 

“Peter knows these roads inside-out because he built them!” Said Mayor Maura Spery, “Pete has been a real asset to the Village. He has lowered our costs and has motivated the crew to work smarter to improve the efficiency of the Department of Public Works.”

“Our DPW is a well-honed drill team under the supervision of Peter Costelloe,” said Deputy Mayor Bruce Summa. “The team is doing an excellent job improving the quality-of-life for our residents by maintaining the Village’s infrastructure on a day-to-day basis. They are a great group, and I am proud to be their liaison.”

The DPW Department not only takes care of 88 miles of roadway but also maintains buildings, sweeps the streets, mows overgrowth, clears brush, fills potholes, plows and cares for the plantings in public spaces. 

DPW Supervisor Peter Costelloe said, “My team does an outstanding job. They work hard and want this Village to look its best.”

This fall there are major infrastructure projects going on in the Village. DPW will be beautifying Village Hall by adding long-lasting cement board to the exterior. There will be a clock installed and appropriate signage added. The Village leadership is beginning to transform Neighborhood Road from a bunch of individual buildings into a cohesive downtown village with a coastal theme. 

Additionally, here will be a new paving project in the community. The principal thoroughfare of Mastic Road will be paved from Market Street to Neighborhood Road in the next few weeks. 

Mayor Spery added, “These projects will help beautify the community and provide a safe area for residents to walk and patronize local businesses.” 

As Mr. Costelloe ponders his plans for the future of the Village’s infrastructure, he stated, “My personal dreams would be to start a significant community-improvement project, perhaps something that would increase pedestrian safety and help beautify our neighborhoods. Another idea is to add sidewalks and bike lanes lining the main roadways (Neighborhood Road, Commack Drive, Mastic Road, Cranberry Drive, Whittier Drive, Mastic Beach Road, Riverside Drive and Wavecrest Drive). I’d like to see crosswalks with signs at all the main intersections. Working with the Town of Brookhaven we can consider installing light-pollution reducing,  ‘night-skies’ streetlights throughout the Village. I’d like to see the trees damaged by Sandy replaced on Neighborhood and Mastic Roads. Also, I’d like to plant more perennials under the trees, so they bloom from spring until fall.”

With so many exciting infrastructure projects coming up in the Village of Mastic Beach, it is no wonder that Peter Costelloe and the entire DPW team are dreaming big.