Leading our Village toward a bright, new future.

The summer is drawing to a close, and I wish all the students who are returning to school this September a successful and inspiring year. You are our future, and I urge you to take full advantage of what your education offers. 

It has been a busy summer in the Village of Mastic Beach. The positive feedback from our “First 100 Days” newsletter and our new website has been overwhelmingly positive. I appreciate that so many residents took the time to share their thoughts and reactions. If you haven’t seen these positive changes, please visit www.masticbeachvillageny.gov/newsletters.


I am pleased to share that the resolution of the lawsuit the Village brought years ago against the Mastic Beach Property Owners’ Association (MBPOA) is moving forward. My team has made sure all title reports are clear —showing no judgments, liens, mortgages, etc.—on any of the properties the Village will be receiving. The deeds will be transferred and filed with the Suffolk County Clerk in accord with the litigation settlement approved by both the Village Board and the MBPOA. Organizing the transfer of ownership on these properties continues, and we anticipate the properties will transfer to the Village later this year. 


The Village is aggressively pursuing multiple grant funding opportunities. For example, we recently filed an application seeking $8 million in funding for sewers, land acquisition, comprehensive planning and development. Should we receive these grants, it will be a giant step forward in our Village’s revitalization and economic-development initiatives.


I have been working closely with the Suffolk County Planning Department and Board of Health to come up with alternative solutions to Mastic Beach’s nitrogen-loading problem. I am delighted to share that the Village has 

been chosen to have one of our residents receive, by lottery, a free BusseNY Alternative-Septic System. This system was given free to one lucky homeowner and will be part of the County’s program to test alternative systems. The County could potentially approve alternative septic systems by next spring. Allowing for a variety of different choices for homeowners as opposed to being limited to one type of septic system. 


The majority of residents elected me to serve as your Mayor I believe, in part, to end the hostility and negativity that have been holding back our collective progress. My administration and I are working to put animosity aside and to bring forth a new day, one where everyone works together to make the Village of Mastic Beach the amazing waterfront community it is destined to be.


The previous articles underscore the positive and forward-thinking direction our Village is taking on your behalf. I hope you share my enthusiasm and, as always, I invite your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Please feel free to contact me

Maura P. Spery
Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach