This is the beginning of something special.  By Mayor Maura Spery.

FEBRUARY 4, 2016, VILLAGE OF MASTIC BEACH, N.Y.: In 2014, the Board passed a resolution to retain Wendel Associates to implement the Comprehensive Plan. Wendel, working with Vision Long Island, will create the document with intensive community input by Mastic Beach Village residents. 

The Comprehensive Action Plan will begin with a Steering Committee round table of community leaders from a wide variety of different groups in Mastic Beach Village. Representatives from each of these different organizations will be gathering the input from the members of their respective organizations. These representative leaders, with their dedication to the area and institutional memory, will fundamentally lay out the foundation for the Comprehensive Plan. There will be public meetings, brainstorming sessions, and surveys where the public will give their input toward the plan. 

A well constructed Comprehensive Plan is the first step in having shovel-ready projects in place when funding arrives. We lost out on a great deal of funding after Superstorm Sandy because we had no plan in place. As this Village moves forward that will no longer happen. 

On Thursday, December 10th, the Village of Mastic Beach won two (2) grants totaling $42,175 that we will be using for the Comprehensive Planning Process. The first grant is for $17,175 through the Local Waterfront-Revitalization Program (LWRP) funded by the New York State Department of State (DOS) Division of Planning (DOP). The LWPR grant will fund part of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan designated for waterfront revitalization. 

To satisfy the conditions of the grant, the Comprehensive Plan will address the issues that affect the Village’s entire waterfront. By developing this Comprehensive Plan, Village residents will provide direction for revitalization by addressing sustainability, resiliency and energy efficiency. The Village of Mastic Beach, which was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy, will conduct a studied review of its community’s waterfront, addressing the new dynamics on the waterfront resulting from coastal storms.

The second grant won by the Village of Mastic Beach is for $25,000 to implement the Comprehensive Plan, which will include strategic planning and a feasibility study to transform the Village’s downtown into a walkable business district. Funded by the Empire State Development (ESD) Strategic Planning and Feasibility Study (SPFS), this grant will be added to the community driven Comprehensive Plan. A condition of this grant is that part of the Comprehensive Plan must focus on the Mastic Beach Village Business District and design it to be safe and enjoyable for pedestrians. 

We are excited to see the ideas the people of Mastic Beach Village formulate because this planning process is for the long term and our community’s children will certainly be the beneficiaries of our cooperative efforts.