Paradise Found.

No matter how you do it, relaxing in Mastic Beach Village is easy-peasy.  It's simple to get into the groove with sand beneath your feet, sun above your head and the sweet smell of saltwater in every breath.

Just “sitting on the dock of the bay” is a way of life in our Village.  Listening to the birds and cicadas on a hot day reminds our visitors and residents alike of summers from a bygone era. 

Dinner parties on the boat or on the shore are a way of life in our coastal Village.  Great friends, both old and new, breaking bread by the sea is how locals spend their evenings in this wonderful Village.

This is the sort of place where children can enjoy an idyllic childhood and grownups can smile watching their children grow and flourish.

This place is different—and special.  It is the hidden gem of Long Island’s South Shore.